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Club President/Social Director: Diane Hollingworth

First Buffett Concert: 1995                                                           
Favorite Song: "One Particular Harbor"                                                    
Summer Drink: Wine is always in season, right?                             

Diane joined Club Finz in 1997 and has been a board member since 1999, with one break from 2015 to 2017. She and her husband Dave live in Hampton. 

"I am looking forward to working with my new board and doing new and exciting events and growing the membership," Diane says. "With growth comes new ideas of phun things to do!! Finz Up!!"


Vice President/Secretary: Deb Griffin

First Concert:  1998 Don’t Stop the Carnival at the Orlando Civic Center in December for their 10th anniversary                                                                         
Favorite Song:  Favorite song is tough, she loves so many. Havana Daydreaming, Jamaica Mistaica, Tin Cup Chalice and of course One Particular Harbor.

Summer Drink:   New favorite summer drink is a coconut margarita and Chardonnay year round


"Jay and joined the club in 1998 right after we returned from Orlando and have been members since. I served on the board twice as social director over the years and really looking forward to working with this new board."


Treasurer/Fundraising: Diana Minutelli

First Concert: February, 1999 at The Fleet Center in Boston. The tour was Don’t Stop the Carnival.

Favorite Song: Tough question! I have different memories tied to the songs. Come Monday is my classic favorite song. Don’t Stop the Carnival as an album is special to me . We read the Herman Wouk novel and knew the album songs before we went to Paradise Island on our honeymoon. Where we saw Jimmy Buffett play Don’t Stop the Carnival twice !


 Summer Drink:  Vodka and Lemonade 

Me & Mark_edited.jpg

Communications Director: Robin Wright

First Concert: 1995

Favorite Song: "Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season"

Summer Drink: Pain Killer, Mojito, Margarita (almost anything tall and cold!)

Robin joined Club Finz in 2010 and served on the board previously in the same role.  "I'm happy to be back on the board and excited to see what we can do this year!"   ~~/)~~  Finz up!


Community Service Director: Pam Anctil

First Concert: 2008

Favorite Song:  It's a tie between "One Particular Harbor" and "A Pirate Looks at Forty."

Summer Drink:  Red Sangria made with Captain Morgan

Pam has been a lifelong Buffett Fan. She discovered her first concert/tailgate during Hurricane Hanna, Labor Day weekend 2008 at Great Woods with her brother. Every year since, concert day is a holiday! They celebrate Buffett Day whether they are at the show or not. Yes, she did wear the pirate hat to work the year that she couldn’t go!

Pam joined Club Finz in 2019. She also recruited her husband, Scott and oldest kid, Devin.  "I’m excited to be part of the new board! I’m looking forward to making new friends, planning and attending community service events with the Phlock!!"  Finz up!!

Social Director: Stefanie Warsnip

First Concert: 1993

Favorite Song:  "Gypsies in the Palace" - cause we're here for a good time, not for a long time

Summer Drink:  I'm up for anything as long as someone else is paying

Stef has been a member of Club Finz since 2020.  Before moving to North Beach in Hampton, she was coordinating fun and memorable events at Cannon Mountain, Sugarloaf USA, and backstage at Bank Of New Hampshire Pavilion.  "I look forward to putting my skills and talents to work as "Julie the Cruise Director" for Club Finz!"

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